7 Steps to TRIPLE your Facebook Engagement

7 Steps to 3x your Facebook Engagement
Social Media Secrets Revealed

7 Steps To Triple Your Facebook Engagement For More Traffic, Leads & Sales!

7FDHustleNation  shares a quick overview of the 7 Steps to Increase Your Facebook Engagement training

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Check out the infographic below for some strategies for getting more Facebook engagement then read my thoughts below for ideas on how to take these strategies to the next level so you can 3x your Facebook engagement.


Taking Your Facebook Page Engagement 3X and Beyond

The most glaring area where it seems to me that the above infographic is lacking is in it’s recommendation to post every other day. In my experience posting less will give you less results, not more.

On average only about 16 – 18% of your audience will see your posts so in order to have the best results you should not only post every day, but post multiple times a day if possible.

Posting once a day or so is fine when you are first starting out because your audience is small and your focus should be more on getting more Facebook likes, but as your Facebook grows to several thousand likes and beyond it is easier to grow by getting your existing audience to likes, share, and comment on your content.

Get Better Engagement With Highly Visual Content

Content combined with graphics takes up more real estate in the news feed and often leads to greater engagement.

The more you can use visual content the more likely you are to get great engagement on your posts.

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