108 Reasons the Cubs couldn’t lose

Ok, maybe not 108 reasons but the number 108 could be a huge reason why the Cubs couldn’t be denied.

Grant DePorter, CEO of Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group and co-author of Hoodoo: Unraveling the 100 Year Mystery of the Chicago Cubs, claims the number 108 (years since the last Cubs World Series Championship) is the reason the Cubs are destined to win the World Series this year. All signs are pointing to 108. Examples are everywhere:

 AG Spalding, the Chicago Cubs’ first manager and owner of the Spalding sporting goods, wrote a rule into the National League’s first set of rules requiring teams to only use Spalding baseballs. His baseballs have 108 stitches. His office was at 108 W. Madison.

 The distance from both the left field and right field foul poles to home plate at Wrigley Field is 108 meters. 

 The City of Chicago’s zoning records show that Planned Development #108 belongs to Wrigley Field. There are 1,336 planned developments in the city of Chicago, each assigned its own unique number.

 JJ Abrams most famous TV series was Lost and his first movie was Taking Care of Business (which features the Cubs winning the World Series). Lost had an obsession with the number 108. Taking Care of Business is 108 minutes long. The other famous movie in which the Cubs win the World Series is Back to the Future Part II. That movie is also 108 minutes long.

 Cubs star pitcher Jon Lester was born in the 108th largest city in the US, Tacoma Washington (according to the 2010 National Census).

 The Cubs honor the military every game. The “Chicago Brigade” of the US Army National Guard is the 108th.

 Hall of Fame Chicago Cub Ryne Sandberg’s 2004 Fleer Greats Trading Card is #108.

 The Chicago Cubs’ current owners, the Ricketts family, made their fortune with Omaha-based TD Ameritrade. 

Its corporate headquarters are located on 108th Avenue.

 In 2015, the Adler Planetarium said that the Chicago Cubs are seen in the Great Bear and the Lesser Bear Constellations. The center of the Great Bear is Galaxy M-108.

 Chicago Cubs game broadcasts are transmitted from the top of the Willis Tower, which is 108 stories tall.

 The CNA Insurance building turned itself into a giant Cubs’ sign for the 2015 playoffs. It sold for $108 million shortly thereafter.

 The Chicago Cubs’ lawsuit against the State of Illinois to have games at night at Wrigley Field was recorded in Volume 108 of the Illinois Supreme Court Reports.

 Last two Cubs to be inducted into the Hall of Fame—Santo 10 and Dawson 8. (Leo Portnoy)

 Washington DC based Cubs fan club called the Emil Verban Society – whose members include presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Dick Cheney, George Will, Senator Dick Durbin, President Barack Obama and Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel – is named after a player who was only a Cub for 3 seasons and his last season batting average with the Cubs was .108.

 The World Series trophy is made of silver. Silver’s atomic weight is 108.

 Frank Nitti, treasurer of Al Capone’s organization, used to own Harry Caray’s Restaurant’s building. Capone’s 

organization made $108 million per year.

 The Plain White T’s, who performed at Harry’s Cubs rally, have recorded a total of 108 songs.

 Hoodoo illustrates that Cubs fans in 1908 believed they could predict the team’s future by looking at the stars. 

Hoodoo features a 1908 cartoon of a Cubs fan looking through a telescope at the sun, moon and earth to see 

the Cubs future. 

 The Sun is 108 times bigger than the Earth. 

 The distance between the Sun and Earth is 108 times the diameter for the Sun.

 The distance between the Moon and Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Moon.

 The first manned space flight to orbit the Earth lasted 108 minutes.

 Stonehenge used the sun as a calendar and predicted eclipses is 108 feet in diameter.

 The number 108 is a sacred in Yoga. Jake Arrieta does Yoga six days a week.

 The movie Bull Durham has the same name as famous a Cub player and is 108 minutes long. The movie 

compares religion to baseball with the line, “108 beads in a Catholic rosary and 108 stitches in baseball.”

 Prayer necklaces used in Buddhism, Hinduism and Yoga have 108 beads to help keep count of 108 mantras. Joe Maddon’s mantra is “Try Not To Suck”.

 The Billy Goat Curse is a Greek curse. In the Greek translation of the Bible the worst curses are all found in Psalm 108.

 Notable Dates:

10/8 (1871) Great Chicago Fire starts burns down Cubs ballpark, equipment and uniforms; team takes 2 years off as city rebuilds.

10/8 (1908) Controversial Merkle makeup game; Cubs win pennant go to on to win the  World 

Series; their last World Series Championship.

10/8 (1929) First Cubs World Series game held at Wrigley. (Keith Olbermann)

10/8 (1945) Billy Goat Tavern owner William Sianis sent PK Wrigley the “Who smells now?” telegram that put a curse on the Cubs.

10/8 (1945) Last time Cubs won a World Series game.

10/8 (2016) Chicago Cubs won NLDS Game 2.

 Jorge Soler 2015 Topps Rookie Card is #108. (Keith Olbermann)

 2016 NL Wild Card game Mets pitcher Noah “Thor” Syndergaard threw exactly 108 pitches in loss allowing Giants to move on to play Cubs.

 Mayor Emanuel placed a bet on the Cubs-Giants series against the Mayor of San Francisco. Rahm bet 108 ounces of Prime Steaks from Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse.

 Harry Caray’s Cubs Rally co-host actor Joel Murray’s birthday was on the 108th day of 2016 (April 17).

NLDS Game 1: Cubs win 1-0. Javier Baez hit home run on pitch #108 from SF Giant’s Johnny Cueto.

 Bill Murray, omnipresent at NLDS Games 1 and 2, has one historic marker named for him in Illinois – located at 108 Cass Street, Woodstock.

 Bill Murray shown on NLDS Game 1 TV broadcast; Fox Sports’ announcer Matt Vasgersian said “Bill Murray saying ‘Let’s Go!’ Long suffering Cubs Fan” at that moment Baez hit game-winning home run on pitch #108.

 Bill Murray shown on NLDS Game 2 TV broadcast; Fox Sports’ announcer Matt Vasgersian said “Bill Murray here again as he was last night. Whooping it up…. such a Cubs fan he named one of his sons Homer Banks Murray”. He said this at exactly 108 minutes after the first pitch.

 NLCS Game 2 starting pitcher is scheduled to be Kyle Hendricks. Hendricks was born on 12/7/89. 12+7+89 = 108. (Beth Heller and Brianna Lelli)

 SF Giants Game 4 starting pitcher Matt Moore has pitched exactly 108 games in his career; Cubs beat the Giants in NLDS Game 4. (Samson Victor)

 Ernie Banks, who wore #14 when he was a Cub, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1977. 14 x 7.7 = 108(Mike Donahue)

 The Cubs won their 108th game by scoring 10 runs, winning by 8 (Game 4 2016 NLCS) (Joanna DePorter and Gary Richard)

 NLCS Game 5 winning pitcher Jon Lester pitched exactly 108 pitches. 

 The Cubs won two consecutive games in Los Angeles during the NLCs, scoring 10 runs in their first and 8 runs in their second win. (Josh Mora)

 MLB’s official YouTube video of Harry Caray singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” is 1:08 long. (Asta Gass)

 Half of 20 is 10 and half of 16 is 8 2016 = 108. (Kelly MacFarlane and Marty Delmonte)

 108+108: 1+1=2; 0+0=0; 8+8=16 add together = 2016. (Duane Drivard)

 Harry Caray’s famous World Series prediction – “Sure as God made green apples someday the Chicago Cubs are going to be in the World Series.” Green apples are 108 calories. (Joanna DePorter)

 The Cubs won their 108th all-time Postseason appearance in Game 5 of the 2016 World Series.

Congratulations to the World Series Champions…the Chicago Cubs!

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