Just Swing the bat already!

By Rick Stout

​Just listened to Jeffery Combs interview Jim Rohn on his More Heart Than Talent call from 2005. 📞☎️
Wow. Two legends on one call. The amount of valuable content packed into that call was extraordinary! 💰💎 
As I finished listening, I find myself inspired from Jim’s story. One thing Jim touched on was baseball players get paid hundred of millions of dollars to only hit .200- .300. Let that sink in. They get out 7 to 8 times, out of 10, but are compensated millions.
It’s because they can overcome the fear of getting out, or failing. Most people won’t go back to the plate. Most people can’t handle rejection, getting out, being told no, or looking “bad” by failing. (going back to the dugout)
Thank you Jeffery for all that you do, and bringing this invaluable content to hundreds of thousands of people’s lives!



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