Lets have a heart-to-heart before it’s too late to apologize…..

Apologize https://www.google.com/search?kgmid=/g/11b683bc56&hl=en-US&kgs=de66b3f929dbafb1&q=timbaland+apologize&shndl=0&source=sh/x/kp&entrypoint=sh/x/kp

In 2005,  OneRepublic and Timberland released the above song….I believe it, unfortunately, is so appropriate for our heart-to-heart chat today.

Here’s my question to you:

How many times in the last five years has your health insurance changed?

Really…..let’s be honest.  Once? Twice? Four or five times? Has your out of pocket changed?

Here’s another question :

When did you notice that it changed?

If you’re like most americans, you noticed it when you got the bill for your co-pay or deductible. Some of us paid less. Some paid more. Some had to make changes to cover their expenses. Some of are still paying on medical bills for unexpected illnesses.

Now wait, this isn’t about the new health plan or the Affordable Care Act. It’s about you and your family.

Fact is: when your health care plan changed, some of us had the benefit of being able to pivot or reorganize things to better prepare. Some of us were wiped out. And are still recovering. 

What if you had no chance to change or recover? 

What if your family was stuck with those large bills that you didn’t see coming?

Stay with me now…..

Here’s my final question:

If you HEALTH CARE changed that many times….why wouldn’t your LIFE INSURANCE have changed as well?

What?!!! Oh wait, because your agent told you it wouldn’t. …..and you heard from them….oh last year? 2 years? More?

Fam, I’m tired. I’m tired of fielding calls of families that DIDN’T KNOW how Pops plan worked. Or that they had the wrong kind. Or that it cancelled. Or that they missed a payment. It’s heart wrenching. 

You all know I am not one to highlight a problem I’m not willing to roll up my sleeves and fix….so heres me putting my money where my mouth is.

If you have policies that you are unsure of, positive about, purchased 20yrs ago, or yesterday…I am willing to:

1.review your policies

2. Call YOUR company and have THEM tell you exactly what you have and ask questions you wouldn’t know to ask.

3. Explain in detail how you policy works and make any changes you need with your CURRENT policy we find necessary.

All for NO CHARGE!

that’s right. Not one dime. Because I’m tired of not being able to help families AFTER THE FACT…..

Because if you have a heart attack and survive…..you have the opportunity to change your health care and pay off your debts…..

But when you die…..it’s too late to apologize to

your wife…..your kids…..your family and friends who have to now scrape up funds to cover you….

It doesn’t benefit my family to do this….

But this isn’t about me….this is my calling and purpose….


I’m here….15 years experience and at no charge I’m willing to help my 7FDHustleNation family….because thats what we do. We offer our gifts for each others benefit. 

Gerald A. Pimpleton  843.695.7453



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