Did you Know?

​Did You Know?

Number of cell phones in the US:                          321,700,000
Number of TVs in the US:                                        302,000,000

Number of personal computers in the US:     223,810,000

Number of registered cars in the US:                    254,212,610 

Population of the US:                                                311,600,000

# of Individual Life Insurance Policies In Force:      

 Only  10,309,000!

In a recent article about LIMRA’s 2013 life insurance conference, the statement was made that ‘life insurance ownership is at a 50-year low‘…and it was suggested that ‘we have more cars, TVs, more smartphones and tablets.  We have more things…But for some reason, life insurance, for far too many of us, is not on the list.’








lifehealthpro.com, “3 LIMRA Takeaways – Bourbon Street Edition”, 4/22/2013 

To find the life insurance plan that’s right for you and/or your clients — a young person, a senior, a family provider, a business owner — call Gerald A. Pimpleton (843) 695-7453 or email @ gapimpleton.nasb@gmail.com 

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