the One thing my father never taught me that cost me everything.

We are taught that purpose and chasing our dreams are the things that make men successful. We are told to have the life that you want for your family and the people you love is simple:

Work your face off to build your own business, future, way of income….no matter how hard it is, so that your family’s future will never be subject to lay-offs, downsizing, a health crisis or the whims of the economy.

But that’s not how it works….Image result for that's not how this works gif

At 46, Tye Tribbet shared with me something I never knew. No one told me. That achieving your purpose in life isnt what takes care of your family and your responsibilities as a man…..but chasing your responsibilities comes secondary to your dreams and purpose. If you die with never accomplishing the purpose for your life as a  man, it really doesnt matter… long as you accomplished chasing your responsibility.

Purpose is optional in life.

Responsibility is mandatory.

Ive always had it backwards.

I watched my grandfather, for my entire youth until he passed….put family and everything else on hold for his purpose. He was a Pastor. Pastored two churches at once. Built his church from the ground up. Picked up members and took them home. 6 days a week running revival in an old army tent in the summertime with a sawdust floor and sold boiled pnuts. He gave everything for the church and the members. Bought a new car once and then traded it in for a older used beater to get money for a down payment on a church building. he said being dedicated to your God given purpose allowed god to take care of your family. He was the only example I had.

So I grew up and replicated what I saw. Only to realize… granddad had it wrong.


Heres what Tye Tribbett had to say about it.


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