Salaries positions are ACTUALLY hourly positions!

Don’t Be Fooled: ALL Jobs Are Paid By The Hour!
The hourly wage has been big news this year. Most people think of hourly wage earners as burger flippers in fast-food joints, or Starbucks baristas or their kids’ babysitter. “Executives” and other professionals with a yearly salary in the high 5 or even 6 figures think they’re not being paid by the hour. 
I have news for them: they’re wrong!! Look at it this way: any person who has to be at a certain place for a certain amount of time (say, 9-5 Monday through Friday?) is being paid by the hour. Someone other than them is controlling their time, their location and how much they earn. 
Oh, but we’re talking about much more money in these cases than those low-level jobs. Really? Let’s do the math. 
Say a person makes $95,000 a year. 
Pretty nice paycheck, most would agree… 
Now take out 28% (at least) for taxes. 
So now we have $68,400 net. 
There are 52 weeks in a year, but let’s imagine this person gets 2 weeks off. So, divided by 50 weeks, that take-home pay yields $1,368 per week.
That equals $273.60 a day.
Which means for an eight-hour day, we’re looking at a take-home of $34.20 per hour.
The minimum wage is up to $15.00 in some states, 
So this big shot with the $95,000 salary is getting only about double of someone whose job is to ask “Do you want fries with that?” 
But wait, it gets worse!  To get a job that pays that well, a person would need a college degree. That can mean tens of thousands in student loan debt. 
Is it any wonder that so many hard-working people have little or no savings or investments?   
Bottom line: unless a person wants to be a slave to an hourly wage, then a job —even a “good” one — is NOT the path to wealth. 


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