6 steps of how to handle painful emotions

Today, I want to show you a POWERFUL way to handle painful emotions and get yourself back into a powerful mental state

… as explained by Tony Robbins in his bestselling book ‘Awaken the Giant Within’:

Step One: Identify what you’re really feeling.

Ask yourself “What am I really feeling right now?”.  Maybe there’s a less intense word that can describe your emotion and reduce your pain.

Step Two: Acknowledge and appreciate your emotions.

Try to appreciate your emotions, knowing that each and every one you experience is there to support you in making a positive change.

Step Three: Think about the message this emotion is offering you.

What message does the emotion have for you? Do you need to adjust your perspective? Commit to living up to your standards? Forgive? Take decisive action?

Step Four: Get confident.

Remember a time when you felt this exact emotion and realize you’ve successfully handled this emotion before. Get confident that you can handle this emotion quickly and effectively.

Step Five: Take action.

Tackle the problem head on!

These 6 simple steps can snap you back into a more positive state of mind almost instantly – allowing you to effectively handle painful emotions.

Print them out, and next time you feel a painful emotion that you can sense is taking over you implement this 6 steps to handle it effectively


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