Surviving the Female Narcissist

It is easy to fall for the female narcissist. They are captivating, alluring and often the life of the party. To spend time with them is exciting and fun. There is an intensity about them that is indescribable. They possess a force that is magnetic. There is simply never a dull moment and they always keep you on your toes. 

Narcissists are great actors, which serves them very well in the beginning of a relationship.  A narcissist is like a chameleon.  She will figure out what you’re looking for in a woman and then mold herself into this image in order to win you over.

Unfortunately, once a narcissist has your heart, her true colors emerge and the reality of her true persona can be quite frightening. Once in control, a narcissist becomes overly critical, demeaning and cruel.  At some point, she will emotionally and physically withdraw from you and leave you wondering what you did wrong.  You must remember, you did NOTHING wrong.  It has NOTHING to do with you.  A narcissist is unable to attach in a healthy way to anyone.  Ultimately, she will pull away no matter what you do.

“It’s All About Her” will help you understand the personality of a narcissist and why a relationship with someone like this will eventually drain, exhaust and confound you.  

It is hard to avoid the female narcissist in today’s modern culture.  Narcissism is increasing just as fast as rates of obesity in America.  Today’s youth are three times more narcissistic than their predecessors and a large percentage of this increase has been attributed to a greater number of narcissistic women.  

Not surprising when women who display haughty, arrogant, self-indulgent and child-like behavior are rewarded with their own television series (i.e. “The Kardashians” and “The Real Housewives”). Daughters who once would have been disciplined for spoiled conduct are now glamorizing such behavior on television.  Reality TV has produced a generation of young girls who fill their rooms with “Princess” pillows and post “Selfies” of themselves on social media for validation of their self-worth.

Underneath the flashy and intoxicating exterior of a narcissist is a fragile ego, which requires constant attention and validation.  The implications this has on a relationship are far more damaging than one could ever imagine.  Nothing you do is ever good enough to please a narcissist nor is one person capable of satisfying their insatiable need to be adored by many.  Eventually, a narcissist will belittle, criticize, devalue and discard you.

Narcissists are incapable of reciprocating love, which makes healthy relationships with them impossible.  They are exhilarating and fun one moment and emotionally combative the next when they don’t get their way.  While they appear caring in the beginning, eventually you realize, they have simply put on an act in order to win and secure your love.  

Narcissists put on an act for one reason – to seduce and control you.  They seek out relationships only to ensure someone is always present to stroke their delicate ego and cater to their never-ending needs.

A female narcissist has a superior sense of entitlement.  If you want to sustain a relationship with her, you should be prepared to provide beyond what is reasonable.  If you do not, she will be sure to remind you she can easily get this from other men in her life with the snap of her fingers. A female narcissist prides herself on having a large circle of admirers (i.e. supply) available to stroke her ego at all times.  

Knowledge is power and essential when trying to understand the personality of a narcissist.  – Buy Now 


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